DAY ONE  Wednesday 13th November
 Barry Robinson New development: Wireless mesh temperature control for portable / rotating applications.
Bill Sole & Barry Robinson Introducing new “NZ Apprentice” plan & subsidies, & major review of mechanical engineering qualifications.
Joel Leonard Reinventing the Manufacturing Sector. Case Study: How North Carolina turned itself around to be a high-tech manufacturing state. 
Brett Houston & Scott Baigent Turbine Rotor Repair or Replace? Case Study
Larry Wiechern Counterfeit! How your lives are affected.
Warwick Downing Innovation & the Future of Custom Manufacturing: SLM 3D additive-manufacturing of high-strength complex assemblies in Titanium
Mike Killick Asset Reliability combined with Lean Manufacturing double productivity at Deep South Icecream. Case Study.
Jeff Naylor Root Cause Analysis Case Study
Ben Corkery In-situ strain gauging to determine reliable life on complex equipment.
Cameron Smart Catastrophic failure of imported rigging screws.Case Study
 DAY TWO  Thursday 14th November
Joel Leonard “Who’s gonna fix this stuff?” How to build the pipeline to supply the next generation of skilled engineers & technicians
Kelly Hanson-White NZ’s new Workplace Safety Agency with a new set of a rules. What it means for you.
Simon Hurricks Move Data not People! Remote CM using secure internet connection.
Lisa Drysdale Maintainability & Operability practises and know-how in new Fonterra Darfield site
Rose Radford New Guidelines for the Safe Use of Machinery
Carl van boogelloy Hydraulic System Troubleshooting. Valuable information on how it should and should not be done.
Special (Surprise) Closing Speaker