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 DAY ONE  Wednesday 12th November
Marcus Nalter Opening Address – The New Health and Safety in Employment Act
Bill Sole Mechanical Engineering Qualifications Review
Eugene Moreau Leaving Almost: How a Business Transitions From Survival to Success and On To Significance
Craig Carlyle Creating Business Weapons from Maintenance Management
Bruce Maroc Mitigating Counterfeit Materials Risks using Quality Management Systems
Barry Robinson Big Bang Theory – Avoidable Bolt Failures
Chris McArthur EECA Funding for Your Energy Efficiency or Technology Demonstration Project
Andrew Ouwejan Fake Material Certificates  – Failure Analysis Case Study
James Neale Future Tools – Electrical Inspections using Ultrasonics
MESNZ Maintenance Forum – Vital Aspects of Condition Monitoring tools, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Seals, Lubrication & Filtration.


 DAY TWO  Thursday 13th November
Daré Petreski, How do I Improve Plant Reliability When Faced With a Nightmare!
Larry Wiechern False Economy – The Money that Training Could Have Saved
MESNZ Machinery Guarding – Keeping it Real, Effective and Practical
SKF Uptime! – Improving Plant Operational Efficiency
Peter Maloney Building In Reliability And Maintainability To Stay Aloft
Raed El Sarraf Durability Design of Steel and the NZ Building Code
Nick Holroyd Reliability Engineering on the World Stage – The Engineering Story Behind Team NZ
Dr Graeme Washer Reliability for Your Most Critical Asset – You! – Special Closing Speaker