Machine safety is WorkSafe’s top area of priority for improving health and safety in manufacturing businesses. As well as ensuring the safety of operators, safer machinery results in improved operating efficiency and reduced downtime.
EIS engineers are experts in the area of machine safety, with qualifications including the industry-leading and internationally recognised TÜV Functional Safety Engineer Certificate.
All of the machinery we design and install is certified to world-leading industry standards. We also design, commission and validate machine safety systems for existing or newly imported machinery, ensuring that it complies with the most stringent standards required for operation in New Zealand.
We can assess your operations to identify any areas where machinery operation poses a risk to employees, and develop a common-sense and practical approach to mitigate those risks. This may include the addition of guarding and electrical fail-safes, altering procedures and providing training for operators.
Our approach places importance on robust installation and solutions that are built to withstand the test of your daily operations.
EIS machine safety services include:
Quantified safety assessments
Advising on common-sense approaches to meet your obligations under the latest WorkSafe standards
Design, installation & commissioning of machine safety systems
Validation of safety systems
Machine operator training
Preventative machine maintenance
Workshops and seminars to demystify machine safety

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