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National Conference

12-13-14 October, 2021
Fraser High School, Hamilton, NZ


The 2021 National Maintenance Engineers Conference is the one must-attend event on your business calendar.

“I invite you, and all those you depend on, to join your peers for the 18th Annual National Maintenance Engineering Conference in Hamilton, 12th – 14th October 2021.

If a strong engineering education and communication will launch a career, continuous learning will keep it going.

You will already know that as engineers, we are tasked with maximising plant performance to accomplish ambitious and changing production schedules with ever-decreasing maintenance resources – budgets, people, deadlines. Success is measured in plant up-time and productivity.

Adapting is constant. Problem solving is endless. Innovation is essential.

In this dynamic changing world how can we develop and nurture great engineers?

I invite you to join me and 200+ other engineers to network, share experiences and discover real strategies you can take to grow your engineering team.

NMEC 2021 is the best forum for continuous learning for today’s engineers. So please join us.”

James Neale


Maintenance Engineering Society of NZ

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Growing Great Engineers

NMEC is packed with educational programs to transform your career or business – WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S NOW, WHAT’S NEXT!
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Growing the new generation of Engineers

Engineers have a duty to inspire the next generation of students, apprentices and graduates. To do this, we need greater understanding of and interaction with young people and the local community. We need to break down the stereotypes and re-frame engineering for what it can be with greater emphasis on the analytical, practical, creative and problem-solving side to engineering.

Spare parts rationalisation & optimisation

Engineers love to have spare parts, and accountants hate it. This keynote presentation will show how to align your spares with your critical assets and keep everybody smiling.

Other topics include:

  • Energy Audits, Usage and Losses
  • New Advances in Materials and Coatings
  • Building-Up Shafts with Integrity Using Metal-Spray
  • Understanding hydraulic hose repair & maintenance for better business outcomes
  • Virtual-Reality Training
  • Bearing selection – how to choose the right bearing for the application. What you need to know and why?
  • Bearing fitting – avoid early failure, fit that bearing properly! What you need to know and why?
  • Managing Major Hazard plant of varying ages, built to different standards over time
  • IOLink (4.0 ready) systems in NZ plants – how these systems have improved efficiency, reduced costs and previous downtime issues

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