Worley Parsons

Worley Parsons
The introduction of the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) has reinforced the requirement for all operating machinery in New Zealand to either meet or exceed the provisions of Australia/ New Zealand Standard AS4024. The objective is to minimise the risk to health and safety of people working with or near machinery.
It should be realised that Machine Safety is not just the simple installation of guards around obvious danger areas. It covers the management of risk throughout the machine’s life cycle including design, manufacture,  delivery , installation, operation and final decommissioning /demolition.
Accordingly the responsibility for Machine Safety does not reside solely with the designer. Employers have a responsibility  to ensure that their machines are safe throughout their operating life.
A Machine Risk Assessment (MRA) will identify the risks in operating or maintaining the machine. The risks are evaluated and the necessary controls identified to mitigate that risk. This can include guarding, interlocks, light curtains, safety circuits, procedures, etc. After safety measures are instituted the risks are re-assessed to ensure that they are at a tolerable level. Download our capability statement here.
Worley Parsons provides a pragmatic and cost effective approach to Machine Safety. Our Certified Machinery Safety Experts (CMSE’s) facilitate structured MRA’s, often in a workshop environment with operators, engineers and maintenance staff in attendance, and then develop realistic solutions in conjunction with the owner or employer.
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